Technicolor Travel Agency is the musical duo of Greg Waltzer (synthesizers and sequencers) and Johnny Doyle (guitar). Their improvisational excursions take the listener on a journey of the mind, fusing world motifs with psychedelic guitar and spaced-out electronics.

This Way Out is their debut CD, recorded at the Cloud Chamber in Bushkill, PA and released in July 2009. Check out this review by Barry Saranchuk.

Their second CD, Water Gap, continues the same melodic and rhythmic style, while adding a few new instruments (mandolin, flute, melodica). Released in February 2010, it includes studio recordings of the material performed at the electro-music 2009 festival.

"Wholesome, sexy, tripped out, technologically advanced earthy space songs to enjoy around a campfire on Mars. Don't beam up, I'm ridin' this one out!"
- Chris Francz, ArtAttack Radio

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Music videos of Technicolor Travel Agency featuring live visuals by Hong Waltzer
  updated August 20, 2011