This Way Out - review by Barry "Psychatrone" Saranchuk

The CD lists the style of music as "psychedelic world fusion space music", ...now don't let that 'world fusion' part scare you (as it almost did me!).  The band would possibly be better served to lose that bit of the sound description, because the only thing you will find on this CD is a fine set of "psychedelic space music" with nice synth sequences and tastefully played electric guitar in the mix!

       The first two tracks are sleepers, nice but a little laid-back, ...Destination: up is almost ten minutes of nice phasing drone synth with floating guitar leading into a sequenced section with mellow distorto-wha guitar drone, very nice and a bit Kraftwerk-ian but with more of a "human" touch! The second track is Earthbound, and starts with a sound like electronic birds, and that cool fuzz-wha guitar stretching out underneath it, until at about three minutes in, the sequence cuts in and the guitar starts to percolate things up nicely, ...things get very nice and space-ward towards song's end.  Now that's all fine and good, ...but here's what's next...

       As track number three (Sandstorm) enters your ears this is where I feel this album elevates to a cut above the rest of the pack!  This has a fine drone synth sound, like classic B3 almost, and here comes a cooly-played guitar ,just the right notes, and not too much volume as the sequence comes into the mix.  Is this like a lost Ashra Temple jam, or am I just dreaming?  You have to hear this!

      Snow Melt is the fourth song here and as the bubbling synths grow and swell, here the guitar is bowed and makes a magical combination of sounds. Soon a middle-eastern motif is adopted and this thing goes skyward!  Even though this piece is just under four minutes long, this is a highlight of this disc.  Amazingly great.

      I thought, "Oh my,a cover next..." as I read the song title "The Magic Bus",...but NO this is an original magical ride, and not to be missed either!  This is more classic sounding music of the ilk of the best of Michael Rother's solo work, don't believe me(?), ...well, then you miss out on this, and you shouldn't!  Slight hints of early Pink Floyd like slide guitar flow through this too, ...all very trippy and mesmerizing.

       Archipelago comes next, and this one has hand-drums in the mix along with clean piano tones that make me think a bit of "Jade Warrior", or maybe "Popul Vuh" in their electric era!  This six minute piece dances and phases with a cool fuzz guitar lead that ends with a wonderful drone solo at fade!

       Finally, Solid State comes in directly from deepest space, ...like a transmission from the "...Heart of the Sun"! Echoing guitar chirps and droning synth slide into your ears, while a bass drum starts creeping into the mix and the guitar takes on a solo figure that is snake-like!  Again I can't help but think of all the classics, ...like Michael Rother, Popul Vuh, Ashra Temple, et al.    Yet with all the references I've dropped here, this really is it's own beast.  I just feel like I've stumbled upon a lost recording from the synth/guitar era I love best, ...the German scene of the late 1960's / early 1970's!

       This comes highly recommended!  Here you can support real musicians doing this for their own amusement, ...and doing a stunning job for us too!  Now, really, go and listen, then support a bunch of dreamers.  This really is pretty great stuff, ...and it's available as downloads too!    (So,no excuses,please!   Ha!).

  updated March 12, 2010