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Fan Levin was born in 1900 in Vitebsk Russia. Her parents were Ed and Bessie Levin. Ed came to the United States in 1899 and Bessie, Fanny, brothers Sam and Herman came in 1903. They sailed from Russia and stopped at Bremerhaven, Germany. Fanny got lost and almost missed the boat. Her siblings were Lee, Rose, Esther, Sadie, Paul, Herman, Sam, and George. The family lived on a farm in North Wales Pa. Then they moved to Marshall St, Philadelphia where they ran a Stable. This is where Fanny met Sam Waltzer. They were married in 1923. They had two sons (Fred and George) and lived in Yeadon, Pa. Fanny was very talented in art and started painting in 1953. She was a member of the Beth Tefilah Congregation and Jewish Community Center in Yeadon.  For four consecutive years her exhibits (see harp at right) won first prize in the city-wide competition sponsored by the sisterhoods of Metropolitan Philadelphia Conservative synagogues. In 1959 Sam and Fan moved to Park Towne across from the Philadelphia Art Museum, where she studied. She died in 1972. Many of her paintings can be found today in the homes of her descendents (click here to see a retrospective exhibit).

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