The Waltzer Family Archive First Generation
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? ? ? Tsyril L.
family photo
Manus Waltzer Francis Waltzer (?)
born in Odessa Russia born in Russia
moved to USA in the 1890s moved to USA in the 1890s
Manus and Francis were given the name Waltzer when they immigrated to the United States around the turn of the century. Their original name was the Russian word for "white," roughly transcribed as "Beliy."  Manus was also called Morris, and Francis was called Fruma.
lived in Philadelphia
Morris is thought to have been a Rabbi  
died in the 1920s died 1923 in Philadelphia
Lena Waltzer
Harry Waltzer
Barney Waltzer
Al Waltzer
Sam Waltzer
Betty Waltzer


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