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DS_logo.gif (341664 bytes) Different Skies

Electronic Space Music Festival

Arcosanti (65 mi North of Phoenix, Arizona)

September 8 -14, 2003

AS200.gif (3983 bytes) It's over! Different Skies 2003 was a huge success. You can read a personal account here. Stay tuned for information about Different Skies 2004.

Arcosanti is the site of the world’s first arcology, a city designed to be within a single building. Created by the visionary architect Paolo Soleri, author of the book Arcology: The City In The Image Of Man, Arcosanti is a pilot project for his theories of a new kind of city, one that ennobles and encourages its residents while being kind to the environment around it. Arcosanti has been under construction in the Arizona high desert (about an hour north of Phoenix) for 30 years, and is far from finished. But the massive structures that already exist at the building site serve to inspire the imagination, and a thriving colony of artists and teachers has sprung up around Arcosanti’s foundations, where a variety of cultural and educational events are carried out each year.

One of Arcosanti’s proudest features is the Colly Soleri Music Center, home away from home for a wide range of visiting musicians and musical educators who offer residencies, workshops, and concerts. An indoor/outdoor amphitheater offers an exceptional concert experience for listeners and players alike, and there are other parts of the site that can be used as a backdrop for musical performances. While Arcosanti has hosted experimental and academic musicians before, this city of the future has never been the setting for the electronic space music that would seem to naturally mesh with its awesome, imagination-inspiring vistas. Until now.

Different Skies is an electronic space music event that will take place at Arcosanti in the fall of 2003. From September 8 -14, 2003, electronic, experimental, New Age, and space musicians from around the world will gather at the Colly Soleri Music Center and do what they do best--create music.

The first four days of Different Skies will be dedicated to the participants in the event, the musicians themselves. Over four days of rehearsal, spontaneous improvisation, and composing, the participants hope to combine their strengths in previously-untested ways and to create new electronic space music never before heard by their fans. It is their hope that not one but several CD releases will result from these collaborations.

Following this period of preparation, the main events will take place on Friday and Saturday, September 12 and 13: two concerts open to the public. Friday’s concert will be a multi-hour marathon of solo and group performances, starting in the afternoon and playing well into the night. Saturday’s concert will take place in the evening, following the Arcosanti traditional pattern for their Saturday musical events: visitors will be taken on a guided tour of the wonders of Arcosanti, followed by a dinner prepared at the onsite restaurant, with the concert to follow. The Saturday concert will feature the combined “best of the best” of the creators’ efforts over the previous week and will be made available as a multiple CD set. The Friday concert is tentatively set to be recorded in full surround sound and released on a single DVD, playable in any video DVD player hooked up to a home theater system.

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Arcosanti at dusk
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Colly Soleri Amphitheater
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