Greg Waltzer has been producing unique drawings and watercolors for nearly 30 years. He has always been interested in exploring and developing the creative process. He uses a technique called structured randomness to create art that is evocative without being narrative. The style is often intentionally ambiguous, exploring the boundaries between real and imaginary. Viewers are encouraged and often moved to apply their own interpretations onto the semi-abstract yet suggestive forms.
Recently Greg has branched out into computer-generated art, digital photography, and video art. Drawing on his background as a systems engineer, he uses fractals and other mathematical constructs to make digital images that maintain a decidedly organic feel. Together with his wife Hong, they have formed Azimuth Visuals, which provides live improvised video art for musical performances. Their video art is colorful, flowing and psychedelic, combining abstract and natural images.
Greg is a member of the Artspace Gallery in Stroudsburg, PA. where his works are exhibited on a regular basis. Here is an article in the Pocono Record about his solo show at Artspace in October 2007.
synthetic images
CD artwork
updated December 4, 2007