MAM MAP1 Arpeggiator

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The MAP1 is a nice little arp, but in my view not programmable enough to be a primary arp / composition tool. It has a fair number of styles, but you cannot program rhythms (rests) or velocity. Some of the styles have these preprogrammed as variations, so there are some good rhythmic patterns, but you can't change them. There is no "as played" setting for the velocity, just a dynamic setting that plays all the notes at the latest velocity received (also any fixed velocity, or a random vel, but that is too random and can't be adjusted). It has a few interesting, unique features. There is a latch mode, where you can transpose patterns by playing notes in the non-arpeggiated part of the keyboard (assignable). The cyclone can do this too, but what's neat about the MAP1 is that it can transpose while staying within a key / scale (like scales on the notron, or key quantize on the nord modular). The first note you play is assumed to be the root. If the second note is a major third, then it will only play notes in that major scale. If the second note is a minor third, then it will only play notes in that minor scale. If the second note is anything else, then it will maintain the interval when transposing. I like this alot! I envision having an arsenal of scale-savvy pattern generators that I can control in real time (softstep can do this too). I had some fun playing patterns from the notron and cyclone through the MAP1, and "re-arping" them. An easy way to get pattern variation with one button press. On the downside the MAP1 always comes on when it receives a midi START, no way to make this manual only. And the biggest downside (in my view) is that it only transmits the channel being arpeggiated.  So, it can't be used with a multi-zone keyboard unless you only want to use one zone. And it can't be used with a multi-timbral synth/sound module unless you want to restrict it to a single midi channel. On balance I would rate it a notch below the K5000 and Z1 arps, and the cyclone.

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