Portable Noise Machine

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This noise machine features the Moog CP-251 control processor and the Frostwave Resonator.It's very portable and fits nicely in an aluminum tool box from Home Depot. I use it  to make live, improvised space music. Usually in ensembles of 2-4 people. Mostly to add some texture, not as the main element. The frostwave can also play some demented theremin-like melody lines. The CP-251 provides an LFO, a S&H, and a noise source. The LFO and S&H pass through attenuators and are summed to two CV outputs, which are also attenuated. These are connected to the CV inputs for the HP and LP filters on the resonator. The noise source is also sent to the resonator audio input via a DOD 249 resistance mixer. External inputs can also come in through this mixer. Output from the resonator goes to a Boss DD-3 digital delay pedal. This gives a nice "spacey" effect. The picture shows a feedback loop from the delay back into the passive mixer. I could never get this to work the way I wanted (probably I would need an active mixer to really get screeching feedback). But the delay pedal has a feedback knob and that's not bad. Normally I just crank up the resonance knobs and play the two filters (self-oscillating) with the cutoff knobs, using the balance knob as a volume control. LFO and S&H rate, shape, depth and destination are controlled with the knobs on the CP-251. Sometimes I turn up the external input and filter the noise source to get ocean, wind, explosion, etc. This machine is a nice instrument because it allows noises to be played expressively, rather than just triggered. It's those knobs!

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