MAM Warp 9 Analog Filter

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front panel

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The MAM (Music And More) Warp 9 is an excellent sound shaping device that offers midi-controlled analog filtering of any input source. The filter is 12dB, type can be lowpass, highpass, bandpass, or notch. Cutoff frequency can be controlled or modulated by the front panel knob, midi controllers (mod wheel or CC #104), velocity, a programmable envelope, or the LFO. Envelopes can be triggered by note events, the LFO, or threshold-based audio. The LFO is not exactly synced to midi, but can be reset or stepped according to midi clock, note events, or audio triggers. Resonance can be controlled by the front panel knob or midi CC #105. Volume can be controlled by the envelope. There are switches for distortion and bypass. 32 program memories allow the settings to be stored.

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