Product and Process

From the earliest dawn of humanity, music and art have been means of communication and expression. Things to be shared by an entire community. But within the last few hundred years, these disciplines have become largely commercialized. The resulting focus on end product has limited these activities mos tly to the elite. By reaching back to our natural origins, we can achieve greater harmony. The community is strengthened when everyone participates. By striving to create, we gain a better appreciation for the works of others. This also engenders a more receptive environment for the arts. The greatest rewards are not financial but come from the creative process itself - self expression, healing of the spirit, peace of mind, sharing and connection with others.

Each individual is different and has something unique to express. An artistic or musical creation may be valued for the sincerity of it's intent, rather than it's commercial potential. Any sincere creative expression will shed light on the artist's character and by extrapolation on the nature of the human spirit.

Celebrate the process.

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updated September 26, 2007