Take the test!

Are you ready for early retirement? The psychological hurdle is the first and most important. Take this test to see if you are mentally prepared!

1. What do you think about your job?

(0) I love my work and would keep doing it even if they didn't pay me
(1) I get some satisfaction and a sense of identity from my job
(2) I'm doing it for the money
(3) I'm counting the days until I can get out of here

2. What do you think about money?

(0) I won't be satisfied until I have more than Bill Gates
(1) I love spending it
(2) I never seem to have enough
(3) As long as I can buy the things I need, I'm happy

3. What do you like to do?

(0) Whatever my boss tells me
(1) Travel and recreational activities
(2) Spend time with friends and family
(3) None of your business, whatever I feel like

4. What do you think about freedom and leisure?

(0) I wouldn't know what to do
(1) I wish I had some
(2) There are so many things I would like to do
(3) Live free or die!

OK, now add up the points (the numbers in parentheses) for each of your answers.

If your total is  
0-3 Forget it, keep on working. Somebody has to keep the economy going.
4-8 You're getting there, but you need a little more motivation. Read why bother?
9-12 You're ready! Start an action plan immediately. Proceed to ten steps.

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