Why bother?

Do you believe that the corporate rat race is good for your soul?  Then you need mental reconditioning.  Read on for some of the benefits of early retirement.

Think of all the great things you could do, if only you had more time. Watch your kids grow up.  Teach them everything you know.  Go back to school.  Get back in shape.  Read a few books.  Travel at a leisurely pace.   Learn another language.  Take up photography or painting.  Learn to play a musical instrument.  Get involved in your community.  Volunteer for a good cause.  Visit old friends.  Start your own business on the internet.  The possibilities are endless!  The only thing stopping you is mindless, compulsive attachment to gainful employment.

Free yourself from the stress of politics in the workplace and the dehumanization of killing yourself for corporate objectives. Your health will improve.

Warning - if you cling to your job because it provides you with a sense of identity or purpose, then this is most likely due to a deep seated insecurity.  Don't be fooled!  Megacorp doesn't really care about you, and you probably aren't as important as you think you are.  Do you really believe your job is making a significant difference in the bottom line?  And even if it is, is that making the world a better place to live?

If you follow the ten steps, you will eventually achieve financial independence.  Then, even if you choose not to retire, you will have the confidence and satisfaction of knowing that you can tell your boss or anyone else to stuff it, without fear of losing your job.

If you find that you are bored with retirement, you can always go back to work.  But this time, work in a field of your choice, without restrictions based on financial compensation.

Be honest with yourself! You may like your job, but would you still be doing it if they didn't pay you?  Do you find that weekends and vacations are too short?  Do you remember what your children look like?

Now that you're properly motivated, return to ten steps to early retirement.

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