electro-music festival
May 15 and 16, 2010
Shawnee Playhouse
Shawnee-on-Delaware, Pennsylvania
The Pocono Skies festival is one of the nation's premiere events for new electronic music. Local musicians will join artists from around the country for two full days of concerts, with a focus on innovation, collaboration, and experimentation. Musical styles will cover a broad spectrum, guaranteed to be creative and original. Live video art will accompany the concerts, for a full multi-media experience. The musicians employ a wide variety of exotic (and conventional) instruments, from synthesizers, theremins, and circuit-bent devices, to unique creations of their own design. The festival includes introductory seminars on synthesis and electronic music. There will also be two special collaborative sessions that give diverse artists the chance to work together to create new music just for this event. All ages welcome.

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Artists appearing at Pocono Skies
Brainstatik Kevin Kissinger
dRachEmUsiK Rebecca Mercuri
Spyra Siebert and Lepre
Hong - GuZheng The MIDI Bear Crew
Transistor Club John Dugan
Electric Diamond Dale Parson
Northern Valentine James Spitznagel
Spinning Plates Earthgirl
Technicolor Travel Agency Project Ruori
Howard Moscovitz Michael O'Bannon
Richard Lainhart Teddy Klett
Kip Rosser  
updated April 23, 2010