electro-music 2005 artists
    Rob Hordijk - Analog Circuit Emulation Techniques
    Tim Thompson - Keykit: 20 years of toys and tools for MIDI
    Dave Peck, Rob Hordijk, Greg Waltzer - Noodles - Teaching your Synthesizer to Create Music
    Joker Nies - Circuit Bending
    Chet Singer - Physical models for music synthesis
    Robin Miller - Rediscovering Spaciality: New Science and Technology for Music Reproduction
    Dean Stiglitz - New designs for electronic flute
    Rebecca Mercuri - History and Architecture of the RCA Synthesizer
    Mark Jenkins - Buying and Maintaining a Large Collection of Analog Synthesizers
    Steve Mokris - Kineme: Opensource Interactive Distributed Media Sequencing

Musical performances:

    Kip Rosser - How the #!&@$? Do You Play a Theremin?
    Ranjit Bhatnagar - Lev, the Theremin-Playing Robot
    Eric Crawley - Buchla Music Easel and Other Vintage Synths
    Terry Furber - Analog Monosynths
    Jan Punter - Noodle Radio
    Scott Kellogg - A Tour of the Elektron Monomachine
    Chris Mandra - New Performance Interfaces: the manDrum and More
    Howard Moscovitz - The Moog Modular 3C
    James Lacey - Portable Noise Machines
updated April 25, 2014