electro-music 2006 artists

    Steve Bowman - Compose This! - A Symposium on Composition and Electro-Music 
    Seth D Brown - Evolution of Recorded Sound
    Jeff Kaiser  - Moving Away from HW Based Electronics
    Howard Moscovitz - Keynote
    Moog Music - new product demonstration
    Rebecca Mercuri - A Brief History of Multiphonic Recording and Playback
    Dale Parson - Real Time Detection of Finger Picking Musical Structures
    Don Slepian - Live Performance Techniques
    Dean Stiglitz - Free Improvisation
    Doctor T (Emile Tobenfeld) - Video Improvisation Methods and Philosophy
Musical performances: Sound Installations:
David Feller Jensenius - Satellites Over Philadelphia
David Bartel - Quatuor a Codes

Video Artists:
Demonstrations and Vendors:
Nord USA
Moog Music
Gears of Sand
Kip Rosser - How the #!&@$? Do You Play a Theremin?
Bill Fieger - Analog Synthesizers
Ben Stohr - MIDI pickups
Trevor Pinch - "Analog Days" book signing
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