electro-music 2008 artists

Spacecraft Kip Rosser O.V.O.
Mahoney and Peck Rinse, Repeat. slicnaton
xeroid entity Murphy and Murphy Amos Gaynes
Kurt Michaels Cypress Rosewood Bicameral Mind
Per Wikstrom Lunar Moon Patrol Kevin Spears
Electric Bird Noise Acoustic Interloper Shane Morris
safe 2 Jeremy Bible and Jason Henry Sensitive Chaos
Aligning Minds SPITZNAGEL John Hoge
Project Ruori Kevin Kissinger Earthgirl
Fringe Element dRachEmUsiK Illusion of Safety
Harmaline Destroyifyer MyOwnYoko
Remora laptop battle winner: Michael Peck Azimuth Visuals

Seminars and Demonstrations

Dale Parson
Human-to-human chess game-to-music generator
Per Wikstrom
Building large analogue modular synthesizers
Per Wikstrom
Random sources in composition
John Rose
Live sound in large venues
Amos Gaynes
Programming the modern Moogs: Everything you always wanted to know (you get to ask)
Michael O'Bannon
Translating Physiological Rhythms into Music and Sound
Howard Moscovitz
Ambiophonic Sound
Howard Moscovitz
Time Quantization
Michael O'Bannon
Biofeedback demonstrations
James Spitznagel
Tenori-on demonstration
James Spitznagel
Creating music with the Nintendo DS
Kevin Spears
Kalimba: Infinite Possibilities
Cary and Robert Murphy
"Chair" - experiments in total sound immersion
Tony Gerber
Music in the virtual world of Second Life
Amos Gaynes
Mooged Out with Amos: featuring the Moog Multipedal
Xenharmonic Frontiers - Getting In Tune with the World of Microtonality
Interactive Visuals:  An Overview of Apple's Quartz Composer
all attendees are invited to demonstrate their unique or unusual musical devices during the open demo times

updated April 25, 2014