electro-music 2009 artists

1undread Andrew Koenig Siebert and Lepre
Ace Paradise Kribophoric Don Slepian
Acoustic Interloper Richard Lainhart Spinning Plates
aether generator Lonely Robot Audio presents MUS EXCELSIOR
Azimuth Visuals Mayakara SPITZNAGEL
Brainstatik Terrence McManus State Machine
Casperelectronics The Megadrives Ben Stohr
Delicate Monster Kurt Michaels Symmetry
Dewanatron Logan Mitchell Tamul and Mosc
dRachEmUsiK Modulator ESP Technicolor Travel Agency
Dubathonic Shane Morris Tintinnabulation
Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel NEOREV Thin Air
Earthgirl Joker Nies Transistor Club
Hong - GuZheng Northern Valentine The Tronic
Steve Jolliffe Project Ruori Waked Lunch
Kevin Kissinger RDK Jeremy Winters
Klimchak safe 2 xeroid entity

Seminars, Demonstrations, and Workshops

Seminars are one-hour presentations, workshops are 4-6 hour hands-on sessions. Demonstrations are ongoing, at whatever times are convenient for the demonstrator. All attendees are invited to demonstrate their unique or unusual musical devices during the open demo times.
  Multiple Looping Mechanisms
Deerhorn Project installation
creative instrument design
Introduction to Circuit Bending
30 Second Sampler Bending Workshop
Internet Marketing and Promotion
  Music Publishing - Getting Your Songs Placed in Film/TV
Rob Hordijk
DIY Workshop - The Benjolin
Rob Hordijk
  Topics in DIY (seminar)
Les Hall
ChucK and Guitar Invention demonstration
Modular Synthesis basics with the Aries  Modular Synthesizer
performance system seminar
  Modcan A & Aleatoric Sequencing demo
Classic Circuits for Audio Synthesis
Howard Moscovitz
  Ambiophonic Sound
Joker Nies
DIY Workshop - The Zeitgeist
Michael O'Bannon
  Generating Sound and Music with Brainwaves
Dale Parson
Scrabble - to - MIDI
Interactive Video Software
Ten Years of the Ricochet Gathering
Experiments in Synthesis
Doug Slocum
  Timesteps Explored (demonstration)

updated April 25, 2014