electro-music 2010 testimonials
I must extend my sincere warm regards to this group - organizers and attendees - for such a life-enhancing event. Words can not describe (though I will try here and in future blog postings) to convey the camaraderie and inclusiveness that I felt this weekend. The passion, curiosity, integrity, energy and wonder that each person brought to this event were overwhelming at times, but always welcome and comforting. Reflecting on other “industry” events that I’ve attended, this gathering had a completely different feel. All too often, conferences and niche festivals take on a rather cold feeling filled with ego and bravado, with everyone vying for attention. This weekend - refreshingly - showed none of that. There was too much awesome stuff going on to really get caught up in your own head about where you should be or who you should be talking to. Where you were was where you belonged at that moment. What you were hearing was important. The feeling of inclusiveness, mentorship and stewardship for the audio arts was palpable. It was like coming home. It was inspiring and humbling. As a first-time attendee, electro-music 2010 delivered beyond any expectations and will forever redefine my own musical direction. Again, thank you. - Jeremy dePrisco

Thanks for another wonderful electro-music community event. It was great to see folks and make new friends. I learned a lot, heard some awesome music, had fun and picked up enough electro-music mojo to keep me energized for a few months. - Charles Shriner, dRachEmUsiK

It was great to see all the old familiar faces and meet some very cool new ones. I'm looking forward to a new and exciting creative year ahead, thanks to all the great conversations and music. I hope to continue some of them in the near future. I really enjoyed all the performances I was able to catch. I think that's what makes these events so special and personal, the fact that all of our experiences are so different at the same place. I miss you all already and can't wait till next time. Thanks again, for a terrific experience.- Ed Aceto, Ace Paradise

I had a blast. I enjoyed the lectures, the camaraderie, the performances, as well as having the honor of doing sound for some of you and sharing with you musically at the Symmetry performance. I was honored to be in the presence of scientific and musical genius. Thanks for the support and love and hope to see you all next year. - John Rivera, Symmetry

Thank you for creating such a great event. So sorry I couldn't be more involved but I'm so glad I made it up there and I hope next year I can do better. Thanks again to everyone for your hard work. - John Dugan, MyOwnYoko

The music was fantastic, and the vibe was very positive. By far the best electro-music festival ever! - Greg Waltzer, Technicolor Travel Agency

It was a great experience, I hope to be able to attend all three days next year. - Shane King, redgreenblue

My thanks to everyone who helped set up and manage EM 2010. This is a great get-away, and I try to get away to it when I can. Loved the music, and the people as well. Have left with several new ideas, I'm charged... - Robert Edgar

As always, I came away with a big smile on my face. What a fun time Robin and I had!! Look forward to next year. We love you all !!! - Bill Manganaro, State Machine

Cyndi & I had a blast. We'll be back for more in the future! I'll definitely perform again, too. Great to make new friends, and see some faces becoming more familiar. - Robert Dorschel

I also want to thank everyone for the great festival experience. I learned a lot. I heard a lot of good music. I met so many great people. Even the food was great. It would be my honor to attend/play at the future e-m events. - Joo Won Park

Many thanks to all the performers for the great music. There was so much good music that I was on sensory overload for three days! - Michael O'Bannon

Much was being very fantastic at festival. My big thanks for to giving to everyone. Was absotively amazing to hear all musics and meet so many excellent peoples who are being musicians and composers of Electrocuted musics. - Kivoldny "Ki" Prossar

I concur with the dizzy feeling after returning home, almost like culture shock being thrown back into the regular grind. Thanks for another memorable event and hope to see y'all at the next one. - Rebecca Mercuri, The Bent Doctors

Last year I was running around E-M exclaiming how the music was the best yet. This year I was doing the same. I've been going since the first hour of the first year (2005), and I've seen Electro-Music get better every year. - Steve Bowman, Delicate Monster

Thanks to everybody who helped organize this awesome festival/conference. - Kevin Meredith, The Bent Doctors

What a great experience was electro-music 2010. I'm physically exhausted but mentally recharged. - Howard Moscovitz

I agree with all that has been said about the amazing electro-music festival this weekend!!!! - Steve Weinstock, MusicMan11712

Ditto to the many thanks for an amazing EM10!!! - Jeannie Allen, Earthgirl

I want to say thanks as well to everyone for a great festival see you all next year!!! - Leo Hylan, Hylantown

We really enjoyed our time at the event and we hope people enjoyed our set. It was evident that a lot of work went into organizing the event. Thank you both for making our playing experience smooth and easy. Everyone we met was super friendly and extremely helpful. We really hope to have an opportunity to take part in future events with you guys. - John Kasiewicz, 5turns25

Together with everyone else I think EM '10 was great and I was glad to be a part of it. The vibe at EM is so good that next year I plan to be there a few days to soak up that positive energy! - Bob Siebert, Siebert and Lepre

What a great weekend! It was very nice to meet you all and I look forward to next year and participating more on the forum. - Mark Mosher

Electro-music 2010 was a special event, in so many more ways than just incredibly good music. I enjoyed every set I listened to, and I listened to most of the 3 days worth of sets mixes and a few jams too. The camaraderie was wonderful, the venue was better than the previous year and we had a great time working with the folks onsite, and I have only rarely ever had the pleasure of working with such a competent and organized event management and crew. The event was a success because of the people who came to it - with all of their different styles including the visual arts - and worked together. Everyone was cooperative, patient, and appreciative, and the 3 days stayed mostly on schedule because of it. Thank you all for that! - Paul Harriman, Edison's Ephemera

Thanks for the good time, the great music, great feeling & overall friendship. I look forward to seeing, hearing, talking, etc with everyone in 2011 but hopefully before then. - Logan Mitchell

It's hard to put into words just how great it felt to be there and be part of everything. I literally woke up missing you guys! I felt an amazing feeling of having found my people, at long last. And oddly, so many people felt really familiar to me - like old friends. How could this be? Im so in - now you wont be able to get rid of me, even if you wanted. - Tanya Thielke, Tantroniq

The vibe was great. The venue was nice. The performances and visuals were top notch. The people were awesome. Very friendly. Very relaxed. It just felt... perfect! - Michael Matteo, NEOREV

Overall, electro-music was fantastic for me. It was a great weekend. - Bill Fox, Twyndyllyngs

The organizers outdid themselves, the participants and presenters were wonderful both creatively and in person, the music was great and the video artists were also terrific. The venue was the best we've had yet. I now feel as though I've got an extended family to come home to every year and I just can't wait til 2011. - JEM, Symmetry

Thanks for putting together yet another wonderful electro-music festival. This was my 3rd year and it always just gets better. It's wonderful to travel so far and arrive at a destination with so many friends, and like-minded people, and attentive listeners. Ill see everyone next year! - Shane Morris

EM2010 was my 4th electro-music festival. Every festival has been great and every year we find new and better ways to handle sound, lighting, visuals, streaming, and general organization. EM2009 was the first year that we had on-site meals and lodging and this definitely affords more time to make new friends and visit with old friends. To have everything on-site contributes to the great "vibe" of the festival. The music-making was varied and of high-quality.Thanks to all for a weekend of great music-making and camaraderie. - Kevin Kissinger