Welcome to electro-music 2011

The electro-music festival is now in it's seventh year – having moved from the Cheltenham Art Center in Philadelphia, the Renaissance Center in Kingsport, Tennessee, and the Star Lake Camp in Bloomingdale, New Jersey to Huguenot, New York at the Greenkill Retreat Center. We have seen an increase in participation each year, until electro-music has become the premiere event of its kind in the world. This year we have many old friends returning, and even more new artists appearing for the first time. The diversity of talent and expertise is outstanding. We have high expectations for three days of innovative music, fascinating seminars, demonstrations and rousing jam sessions.

In organizing this event, we have tried to give opportunities to participate and perform to as many people as we can. In order to accomplish this, music and seminars will run almost continuously without breaks. Several events have been scheduled to run simultaneously. It will be impossible for anyone to see and hear everything. A primary purpose of this meeting is to renew old friendships and make new ones, to share ideas and experiences - to network. We expect that people may not attend all of the sessions as they take opportunities to participate in jam sessions, or just to schmooze.

The musicians presenting at electro-music 2011 are generously sharing the gift of their music. But live music involves both the performers and the audience, and there is generosity in being a listener too, especially when the music is experimental and not mainstream. Most of the music presented in these three days is not a commercial product to be purchased and consumed, but rather a personal expression done strictly for the joy of it. At this event, all of the performers are also listeners, and listening is just as important as performing.

The electro-music festival is an outgrowth of the electro-music.com internet community, which has grown in eight years to more than 16000 members. This event provides a unique opportunity for the community to support and nurture each other as we explore new ideas and develop our music. We hope that electro-music 2011 will be a positive and fulfilling experience for all who attend. Everyone working on this event is a volunteer. All of the performers, speakers, the graphic artists, and the event staff are contributing their time, skills and resources because they believe in our community and they want to be a part of it. Every piece of equipment we use is loaned as well. We can't possibly thank you enough. This is indeed a community event. Thanks to everyone, we will all be stronger for it.

- Howard and Greg


Acoustic Interloper
2011 marks the 40th anniversary that Dale Parson, a.k.a. The Acoustic Interloper, has been finger picking banjos and guitars and programming computers. Upon discovering harmonic common ground between modal Appalachian folk music and modal jazz in the early 2000's, he worked out his own "intervals over pedal points" technique for 3-finger up picking on the 5-string banjo. Upon discovering rhythmic and compositional common ground between his banjo picking and the repetitive patterns of minimalist music in 2006, he began composing electro-acoustic pieces that explore this common ground with live processing of the guitar and banjo. This year he is expanding the exploration of processed acoustic strings into live sound sculpting of instrument timbre. He is, to coin a phrase, gradually becoming "one of those."

Performances by Adamon typically focus around the blending of traditional ambient elements, early electronic music, and highly experimental sound textures. The performance typically progresses through a series of contrasting soundscapes that accentuate certain musical elements, such as dynamics and timbre. Emphasis is put on purely synthesized elements and live sound creation over sampled and pre-recorded sounds. Adamon utilizes a variety of instruments, including many of his own creation, including a current-controlled modular synthesizer. During the design of each of the sounds used in a performance, each piece of equipment is pushed to its fullest to provide the most original and unique result possible.

Adventures in Sound
Collaboration led by Jez Creek

aether generator
: a machine as medium for converting sky into energy.
: a machine, purported to be invented by Nikola Tesla, that infinitely generates electricity out of thin air.
: two pseudo musicians who make sometimes delicate, sometimes brutal shifts and schisms with various electronic devices in an improvisational manner. see also effect/affect.

ArtCrime creates experimental electroacoustic sounds with a modal jazz flavor. Each piece transitions from light to dark, calm to crazy or paranoid to revelatory. ArtCrime is a band for people who love electronic music, but it's also a jam band for people who hate jam bands and a jazz ensemble for those who can't stand jazz. We have a sound somewhere betyween Medeski, Martin & Wood and Garage a Trois. ArtCriminals:
Frank Joliffe the mighty Warr guitar
John Korchok alto + baritone saxes, wind synth, keys
Steve Orbach percussion
Bob Siebert circuit-bent Casio, kalimba, piano

The Atmosphera series explores ethereal soundworlds and spatial relationships in the ambient, space, psychedelic domains. The music is a combination of composed and improvised pieces that segue together in a continual immersive composition. This collaboration is led by Ken Palmer.

Audio Mace
Audio Mace is a new project by Chris Wikman and Al Baldwin from Maryland, who previously released the evocative album "Kadath - The Dream Quest" as the XCross project. Audio Mace was formed to provide an alternate vehicle for exploring music with a more "industrial" style. Born out of recognition of the power and force of sound in our lives, Audio Mace combines electronic instrumentation with exotic instruments (including unique and "home-made" ones), sound textures, rhythmic elements, and percussion as it seeks to explore new themes and sonic textures. This stop on our journey finds us mixing elements of Ambient and Electronica with Experimental and Industrial textures as we present three new pieces.

Azimuth Visuals
Azimuth Visuals is the artistic partnership of Greg and Hong Waltzer. They create video performance art to accompany musical events. Using a combination of computer-generated abstract images, animations, Greg's artwork, Hong's nature photography and video clips, these images are processed and mixed in real time by various effects software and video hardware. The intent is to provide a colorful and dynamic visual experience that is inspired by and complements the music.

For over 16 years they've recorded many albums of strange music, but Brainstatik is best known for their improvised live concerts. They perform long-form jams combining ambient, world, progressive rock and space music, liberally shifting and mixing genres within each piece. Every member of Brainstatik is a certified electronic gear junkie, so when choosing noisemakers from their diverse musical toy box, guitars can sound like drums, keyboards can make guitar sounds and drums can play keyboard sounds. These eclectic combinations often can confound audience members (and sound engineers) who can’t always tell who is playing what. During their live shows, songs constantly morph and evolve. Within a single piece, Brainstatik's music can sound ethereal and quiet, majestic and orchestral, or experimental and edgy.
The band's current lineup includes founding member Ken Palmer, along with Mike Hunter, Glenn Robitaille and Jim Silvestri. Together, their live creations often sound rehearsed and composed, but in reality, the band has no real explanation for where the music takes them. There is always the risk of a creative ‘train wreck,” but the members of Brainstatik thrive on taking their music to the edge every time they perform.

machines : wires : feedback loops : pedals : things with lots of knobs and buttons and switches and sliders : shifts : drifts : schisms : scenes : blips : dreams: rumbles : sighs : painting intricate beats with hardware brushes on a dancefloor canvas

Delicate Monster
"Four legs and two voices: a most delicate monster!" -- Shakespeare, The Tempest
Both Art Cohen (guitar) and Steve Bowman (synths) love to argue about what makes good music. They argue with each other and with anybody else who feels passionate about music. Through Delicate Monster, they make their arguments in sound. Delicate Monster leads the listener through wild extremes of musical language, from delicate (open modal harmonies, tuneful melodies, precious sounds) to monstrous (extreme dissonance, brute cacophony, noise).
When Art and Steve disagree it’s a consequence of their divergent musical backgrounds. Art is rooted in psychedelic guitar, Berlin-school spacemusic, and American folk. He’s been a fixture on the Philly music scene for 30 years—you may know him as one half of The Ministry of Inside Things (with Chuck van Zyl). Steve has a degree in Music from Harvard, where he first encountered the Buchla. He draws inspiration from classical music and radical composers like Ives, Stockhausen, Bach, Palestrina, and Ligeti. (Art and Steve do agree on the Grateful Dead and Captain Beefheart.) Art pushes Steve to create music that is clear and simple, to groove on repetition for its own sake. Steve pushes Art to surrender to his weird side and luxuriate in complexity and dissonance.
The piece Delicate Monster will play at Electro-Music 2011 is one of the first pieces Art and Steve played together 20 years ago. It's called Serpent of Circumstance, and features a spritely theme in 3/8, delay-based syncopation, metric modulation, a monstrous space full of unearthly noises, lots of melodic interplay, and some of Art's most psychedelic lead guitar ever. Enjoy!

Jeremy dePrisco
Jeremy dePrisco (aka Shivasongster) is a Bloomsburg, PA producer and songwriter who has released several collections of original music in the Folk-rock genre, drawing also from Blues and Progressive Rock. Jeremy has created sound design for a number of university and local theatre productions, performed with a Hungarian folk group and with a Bengali tabla player. Jeremy grew up listening to Echoes and Hearts of Space and the signals beaming from his father’s ham radio bench in the attic. After being a closet sound experimentalist for 15+ years, Jeremy is attempting to bring his “after midnight” studio experiments to the stage. These improvisational electro-acoustic sound paintings include looping, effects pedals, and Jeremy’s distinctive voice...
After making many new friends at EM2010, Jeremy is going further out on a limb this year with another solo performance, workshop and a collaboration with Robert Dorschel. Jeremy’s latest CD “Chaos Rise Up” – based on themes of technology and media influence - will also be available. Influences include Tom Waits, Beck, Bjork, NIN, Jethro Tull, Cat Stevens, Rumi, Buddha, Joseph Campbell, Indian, Turkish and Persian classical music, and Lowe’s Home Improvement. Listen to Signals with Shivasongster at radio.electro-music.com

Dave's Electronic Soundscapes (DES) combines elements of several electronic musical styles such as ambient, electro-pop, space, drone, techno, new age etc. to create music ranging from slowly evolving soundscapes to upbeat sequencer driven portraits. Dave's e-music influences includes J.M.Jarre, Synergy, Michael Garrison, Tangerine Dream, Tomita and many others.

Robert Dorschel
Robert Dorschel is a multi-instrumentalist from Syracuse, NY. He has been diddling in sound since 1981 to produce various incantations of noise and music. His current style focuses on instrumental downtempo ambient synth pieces, with some occasional guitar grit & live looping.
“Median Ground” is the title of Robert’s performance tonight, as it falls at the proverbial half-way point of EM2011. Running with this theme, this set is intended to get you grounded and centered again. The focus is on melody, simple chord structure, steady beat and arpeggio; a balanced tone with an underlying drone. Come after dinner and hear a handful of soundtracks for movies that haven’t been made yet.

dRachEmUsiK is the solo project of award winning electronic musician, sound designer and producer Charles Shriner.
The current sound of dRachEmUsiK has been described as "glitch-groove ambient beats with a strong modal jazz influence". Simple melodies swirling in mixed tempos and undulating textures. Dense, eclectic, erotic, evocative, emotional, spontaneous and sometimes noisy. Melodies soar off in distant interstellar space-time to meet new travelers fighting numerous glitches along the way to find the groove.
dRachEmUsiK blends improvisation with structure and is performed in real time. The music is fresh, innovative and eclectic while maintaining enough familiar elements to remain accessible without compromising creative integrity.

DrumLab is one half of the live electronic dance music band, Psylab. DrumLab is comprised of the human drum machine Steven Asaro (V-Drums) and Ed Guild (hardware and software tweaker). At the core of DrumLab is the custom Max MSP patch designed by Guild and Asaro. It allows Steve to trigger drum samples and synthesized sounds with his MIDI drum pads while Ed turns knobs and alters parameters to twist the sounds in crazy directions. DrumLab jams start with electronic grooves that build and twist into abstract, effects laden textures. DrumLab doesn't currently have its own website, but you can see Guild and Asaro in action with the rest of Psylab at youtube.com/psylab and

Fringe Element
An impromptu reunion concert featuring members of Fringe Element – Michael Victor, Jose Murcia and Greg Waltzer. Their goal is to explore the use of electronics to create organic, expressive music. All of their music is created in the moment, often boisterous and unrestrained. The spontaneous and interactive nature of their collaboration creates a style that is uniquely vibrant, diverse, and evolving. The chemistry between these musicians is always evident as they travel through unpredictable transitions and flowing soundscapes. Although they touch on conventional themes, they are continually drawn back to the fringe. Fringe Element has performed at the electro-music festival from 2005 to 2008.

Edison's Ephemera
Collaboration led by Paul Harriman

Paul Harriman
Paul Harriman is a regular contributor on Electro-Music.com's radio station, and devotes time to helping the site and radio station's operations. An electronic musician since the 1970s, Paul has always been fascinated by electronic instruments and their relationship and interplay with nature and traditional instruments. Paul's two hour, twice monthly show Edison's Ephemera plays on Electro-Music.com's radio, and has gained a modest following in the three years it has been on. Paul also hosts a weekly Monday night show (Edison's Electronic Review) showcasing various artists' experimental electronic and electro-acoustic music.
Paul's performance, accompanied by his son Ian, makes use of an Eigenharp Alpha, an Akai EWI4000s, and four Percussa Audiocubes, with a collection of software-based synthesizers, effects and looped environmental sounds.

Jack Hertz
Playing, composing and recording experimental music for more than 30 years. Jack Hertz draws inspiration from the mystery of life. Using silence as his canvas, he Manipulates sound to create intangible electro-organic impressions between music and noise.

Horizontal Hold
Using sound as texture, daubing aural colors and patterns much like a painter finesses various tinctures and hues, Horizontal Hold walks a fine electroacoustic line that bridges the struck and the stroked. An array of hand-held percussive instruments (djembe, tongue drum, metallophone, rainstick) vie with contemporary iPhone apps and virtually any sort of found object that can be had to produce different degrees of tactile tones, rhythms, and atmospheres. The attendant philosophy is to merge past and present while the obvious dichotomy remains: whether it is pounding a weathered drumskin or tapping a polycarbonate screen, what results is the desire to forge new sounds from disparate methods. Oh, and Horizontal Hold is Darren Bergstein, concert promoter, event organizer and head honcho of the CD label Periphery, dedicated to wrestling similar sounds from the edges.

Hunter and Harrison
The Dual Looping Soundscape Guitars and electronics of Mike Hunter (Ombient, Myakara, Brainstatik) & Harrison McKay (Tangent Project). Improptu collision of otherworldly tones mixes with repetitive shapes, shimmering slabs of sound and unexpected dissonance.

Hylantown is Leo Hylan a composer/VJ from the Baltimore area. The moniker name comes from a play on Leo's last name and the infamous Baltimore neighborhood "Highlandtown". Hylantown's music ranges from ambient to techno, from pure electronica to electro-acoustic. Coherence of these styles is maintained through emphasis melodic tones. Influences include Boards of Canada, NIN, Orbital , Underworld, Brian Eno, Steve Reich, and Philip Glass. Hylantown's video performance lends itself to the abstract filmmaking style of Stan Brakhage and is heavily influenced by the Abstract Expressionistic paintings of Mark Rothko and Gerhard Richter. Leo Hylan has a B.F.A. in New Media from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago , and has been a performing and visual artist as well as arts educator in Maryland for several years.

In C
A Collaborative performance of Terry Riley's “In C,” led by Andrew Koenig.

Kevin Kissinger
Kevin Kissinger will, once again, present a program of his original compositions for theremin and surround-sound audio. Kevin's music blends orchestral/classical composition with modern tonality and looping techniques.

Kissinger and Shriner
An improvised collaboration between Kevin Kissinger and Charles Shriner.

Andrew Koenig
Andrew Koenig is a computer scientist and (originally) acoustic musician who has come to electro-music through the classical, rock, and folk worlds. He started playing recorder as a child and guitar and bass as a teenager, and studied music theory in college. He is a member of an early-music ensemble (www.earlymusicplayers.org) and a folk/country band(www.storynsong.com/musictown). His music often starts with traditional melodies and musical forms, which he then twists around, such as by using a looper to help sing an Elizabethan round, writing what sounds like a polka in 7/8 time, or using a sampler to build a drum kit from the sounds of doors closing and flatware jangling.

Richard Lainhart
Richard Lainhart is an award-winning composer, filmmaker, and author - a digital artisan who works with sonic and visual data. Since childhood, he's been interested in natural processes such as waves, flames and clouds, in harmonics and harmony, and in creative interactions with machines, using them as compositional methods to present sounds and images that are as beautiful as he can make them.
For his electro-music appearance, Lainhart will be showing three short films while performing live soundtracks on DSP guitar. Lainhart's Ex Ovo release of new works for DSP guitar, "Cranes Fly West", was described in a recent furthernoise review as "a strange surging chaos at the heart of a placid, shimmering and slowly changing backdrop, a chaos that makes itself felt more than heard, a pungent spectral overtone, uncanny amidst the sustained harmonic drones."

Loop B
Electronic Brazilian Music + Junk Percussion
The compositions are created from samples and keyboards, and the percussion is played live. Brazilian rhythms appear in an electronic and in the percussion, integrating the broken beats with the brazilian swing.
Percussion instruments at this show: fuel tank, keyboard computer, hammer drill, scraps of home appliances, and other unusual objects, like toy sword.


Lost in the Funhouse
Rick Scott and Robert Kulik are Lost In The Funhouse. Structured electroacoustic language-musical improvisation is our raison d'être, absurdity our deus ex machina, and sonic dark matter our gesamtkunstwerkliche Weltanschauung.
Moving Towards Scranton (performance)
Lost In The Funhouse will demonstrate, in electroacoustically transmorphulized music and language, that - wherever you've been, wherever you are, and wherever you're headed - you are in fact at all times: moving towards Scranton.


Machine Eat Man
EGYPTRONICA is a new genre of experimental electro- music originated by Mohamed Ragab aka Machine Eat Man. Analog & digital synthesizers drum machines, sampling, programming & Theremin sounds take nothing away from a traditional making of pure electronic music & add to it the haunting sound of an army of Egyptian percussions: Doff, Dohola, Tabla and Req created by Egyptian engineer H.Sorour (vst Darabokator). Ragab uses eastern samples with rich analog synthesizers and organic, hard-hitting beats. Ragab lays down a melodic rhythmic base then adds everything from pulverizing metal clangs to soaring, ambient movements that create a wholly unique and forward-thinking sound. Egyptronica sound is aggressive, blunted & brooding but amazingly danceable as well (pure Egyptian signature). Machine Eat Man's shows usually feature stylish background visuals/video art. Ragab is one of the few artists in this part of the world who uses analogue synthesizers (Moog,Dave Smith,Analogue solutions) in making his new exciting & experimental music.

Mayakara, a Sanskrit for Conjurer of Illusions, is a acoustic/electronic duo consisting of Bill Fieger and Mike Hunter. They weave acoustic elements such as Bill's custom built "Lunatar" and Mike's Didgeridoo styling's with various electronic instruments and processors. Together, the unworldly sound invites the listener to join the shaman's dance and see through the illusion that is "reality." Bill records solo electronic music as "Oblivious Solitude." and performs solo acoustic guitar concerts. He also hosts the Event Horizon concert series in Philadelphia. Mike performs solo as Ombient, with Brainstatik and also hosts WPRB 103.3FM Ambient/Electronic/Experimental music show called "Music With Space" out of Princeton, NJ.

MidiMel's collab
Collaboration led by Mel Morley

Mirador is currently a one-man production, though in the past there have been live collaborators. Mirador makes use of analog looping devices to combine guitar, synth, and samples into an immersive and often fantastical sound exploration experience. Here are some choice quotes from wordsmiths loyal to the Mirador cause.
"Mirador’s sample-based, carefully-crafted psychedelia takes you on a trip brimming with never-fulfilled apprehension; a suspenseful story." -Tom Auty of Zen Tapes music blog.
"coming in like apparitions from a buried past, chiseling through the grime of everyday life as they build soundscapes with ebbing piano drops, echoing guitar lines and atmospheric samples. Dreamy and somewhat ominous - they still manage to find sci-fi type grooves." -Katie Bennett of The Deli Philadelphia
Mirador has released four EPs in the last two years: Gold (2009), Chapel, Verdant (both 2010), and Northern (2011). Each explores a different atmosphere and setting that is partially inspired by one of the four seasons. The fifth Mirador release, tentatively titled "Red", is currently under construction; it features extensive use of non-western samples as well as experimentation with wordless, ethereal vocal samples. All of this music is available for streaming or pay-what-you-want download on bandcamp:

Modulator ESP
Modulator ESP produces improvised experimental soundscapes using synthesizers, sampling, sequencing, looping and processing to create strange worlds of sound somewhere between '70s space music, noise and dark ambient drone.

Howard Moscovitz has been involved in electronic music since 1967 when he started making tape music using a short wave radio as a sound source. Never satisfied with commercially available musical instruments, Howard began designing his own while studying with Robert Ashley at Mills College. After working with his mentor, Stanley Lunetta, designing some of the very first digital synthesizers, Howard worked with Donald Buchla on the infamous Electric Symphony Orchestra which gave its one and only performance in 1974 at Berkeley, California. He has designed several unique electronic instruments, including signal processors and sequencers. Some of these were manufactured by Electronic Music Associates in the 1970's, and are highly desired today among collectors. In 2003 Howard founded electro-music.com as an interactive web site dedicated to furthering the art of electronic music.

Mark Mosher
Mark is a synthesist, composer, and blogger (Modulate This!) from Boulder, Colorado. Mark will be performing songs from his “Signals Universe” concept album I Hear Your Signals along with new material that will be on his next album. These songs are filled with distinct and classic synth sounds and tell the tale of an epic alien invasion. Mark will be performing solo using a variety of controllers to play and modulate racks of virtual instruments running in Ableton Live. In addition to keys, Mark will be performing using controllers such as Theremin (as a MIDI controller) – along with the Tenori-On grid and AudioCubes controllers which offer real-time visual feedback.

Music From the Film
Formed sometime in 2006, Music From The Film consists of Gary Young, Arthur Harrison and Kevin Buckholdt, and combines electronic and amplified acoustic instruments. Many of the electronic sources are unique one-of-a-kind circuits designed by Arthur Harrison. Gary Young has previous affiliations with the bands New Killers On The Block, Bone Bunny, Entfred and Drooling Zoomers, and provides the stringed instruments and samples for Music From The Film. Kevin Buckholdt, also in the bands Prom Concussion and the Parlor Scouts, provides drums and percussion. Music From The Film are an improvisational group and can sway from dark and brooding to immensely absurd, all in the course of one composition. MFTF has released three full-length CDs and a Seven-Inch, all currently available.

MusicMan11712 (aka Dr. Steve) is Steve Weinstock (mild-mannered High School Special Ed. Office Clerk by day). He has dabbled with various aspects of electronic music for years, including work with tape manipulation, 555 timers, the Moog, the Synclavier, assembly language midi programming (Commodore 64 and 8086/8088-based computers). He currently uses some combination of midi controllers and routers, sound modules, and software (sequencers, patch editors, softsynths, custom ChucK midi processing scripts, etc.) to create electro ambient experimental music sometimes laced with beats. Steve has had an active presence streaming live sets via radio.electro-music.com (seasonal on-line festivals, guest performances on Atmosphera and Adventures in Sound, as well as performing and/or mixing international internet-based latency jams on electro-music.com's Open Port). Steve's performance at EM2011 will be based around midi controllers (primarily midi keyboards with sliders and knobs) tapping into the power of synth engines found in older synth gear and will be representative of the current state of his real-time performance modality using layering techniques.

"MyOwnYoKo" is an exploration of Dub Inspired, Electro-Improv Live Sound Looping. Performances are always improvisational, featuring multi-instrumental layering of sound on sound loops creating a spontaneous sound scape portrait unique in it's originality, and a reflection of the time and the place of creation. The result is music unique to the moment and a true interactive collaboration between artist and audience. "MyOwnYoKo" originated as a member of the Philadelphia based performance arts troupe, "TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE". Influenced by Dub Reggae, Trip Hop, Progressive Rock, Electro-Music, and gadgetry of all shapes and sizes. "MyOwnYoKo" offers a relaxed but compelling journey of musical creativity and joyful noise.

Michael Matteo is an electronic music producer from Long Island, New York. In 2003, he took on the alias Neorev to showcase his own blend of electronica. He would release his first official LP titled "Lines & Shapes" in 2009 and introduced himself to the Electro Music Community. Mike created his own dance floor friendly, adrenaline pumping electro anthems by combining in your face riffs and dirty breakbeats that dared everybody to get on the disco bus.
It's 2011... and it's time to introduce the world to the next stage of NR. The new album "Children Of The Bomb" sees him bringing the groove down to a hip hop strut and shows that he's not afraid to take it to a more experimental level. While still maintaining an aural assault of bass driven, energy-fueled big beats, and circuitry, "Children Of The Bomb" is a finely tuned weapon of mass destruction against your stereo system. This may only be Neorev's third time performing at the Electro Music Festivals, but it is a true honor to be awarded the closing spot on Friday night's festivities.


Northern Valentine
Northern Valentine is a Philadelphia based ambient/drone collective anchored by husband and wife, Robert and Amy Brown. The music they create is largely improvisational and is often set to films or visuals that the collective has created in order to sink deeper into the the visual aspect of the music. Coaxing sounds from electric and acoustic sources, they weave meditative drones and soundscapes with "barely there" post-rock instrumentation to create a tapestry that Phil McMullen (Terrascope Online) refers to as "minimalist ambiance at its best. Heartfelt, soulful and affecting, like gazing into a scrapbook of memories".
Writing about their 2008 album, The Distance Brings Us Closer, released on Silber Records, Jeff Penczak (Foxy Digitalis) says..."Northern Valentine’s music delivers a sense of floating in space or a communion with nature where the listener is enveloped in clouds of billowing sonics. The listener’s imagination can run wild, creating images to accompany this ambient soundtrack...In sum, an awesomely hypnotic listening experience."
They have drawn comparisons to a wide range of artists; from Labradford, Windy and Carl, Flying Saucer Attack, Fennesz and Eluvium, to Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor! and Earth. They have been playing live since 2006, having toured periodically throughout the Eastern/Southern US, as well as in Iceland in 2008. They are preparing to release their second full length album in late 2011.

Norton Antivirus
Was the universe created or is it a non-creation that simply exists? Plans go awry, cars crash, dreadful tragedies are the most commonplace occurrence. Here is the thing, created or non-created, why should our will, our desires be in any opposition to the rest of the universe? How is it that something that is part of the universe be in conflict with the rest of the universe? Nevertheless, we attempt and fail. I try to allow for the will of the universe to have a large part in my music. There must be something sacred in mistakes. This is my explanation for being a fuck-up.

Joo Won Park
Joo Won Park is an electronic musician residing in Philadelphia. In this year's E-M, Joo Won will present a melodica piece with stop-motion video, an improvisation for contact microphone and vegetables/rocks/toys, and a piece for mbira and whistle. All pieces are programmed in SuperCollider. Joo Won loves the ending sentence of Listening Through the Noise by Joanna Demers: "[sounds in electronic music] are strange in the real world, but they also succeed in making the real world strange."

PAS started in 1995 out of Brooklyn, NY, USA, driven by the creative talents of Robert L. Pepper working in the mediums of sound and video. Since then PAS has evolved into a collective with many different instrumentations and lineups. Permanent members include Amber Brien, Jon “Vomit” Worthley, Michael Durek, and Will Seesar. Guests and occasional collaborators include, ZEV!, Hati, Steve Beresford, Thomthom Geigenschrey, Matt Chilton (Vultures), Anthony Donovan (Vultures), Damien Olsen, Philippe Petit, Robert Pascale, and many others.
PAS have released 9 full length releases and have been on several compilations throughout the years.PAS have performed in various countries including the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Greece, Lithuania, Macedonia, and Poland. Sound and video installations have also included Chile and the United States. PAS have also performed at Fausts Avant Garde Festival 2009 and 2010, the 18th Olympia Experimental Festival in Washington, the 2010 Spark Festival in Minneapolis, and the 2011 CoCArt Festival in Torun Poland.
PAS also curates events in New York such as Experi-MENTAL nights and the Experi-MENTAL Festival once a year at Goodbye Blue Monday.
PAS is a group out to create musical collages through the form of abstract sound. Their name refers metaphorically to those who have been aborted by society, because their point of view doesn’t fit in the constraints of “normal” society. The term also refers the negative form in French, metaphorically negating everything that is established to start from a new beginning. The viewpoint fuels our creativity to create our own world of beauty. Since our inception the band has been interested in making music from the fringes of perception, creating soundscapes that aren’t defined by any particular conventions or viewpoints. The aesthetic underpinnings are defined by the notion that music can be whatever the ear perceives. It’s a conception fueled by the love of life and art. It’s a desire for honest artistic self-expression. The compositions themselves are more akin to soundscapes than “songs” in the traditional sense. There are no clearly defined melodies, no structural landmarks that give you any sense of traditional anchor. This is not music making with any sense of or desire for commercial viability, but sonic sculptures in the mode of pure art.


PYXL8R is the name Ken Palmer uses for his solo musical projects when not performing with his band, Brainstatik. Each song often starts as a spontaneous burst of synthesizer-based long-form improvisation, which then slowly morphs into a full piece. For his Electro-Music performance, Ken will re-interpret tracks from the new PYXL8R release, "Life Unsettling." Atmospheric, otherworldly, and always dense with unusual sonic textures, these compositions will be performed live with no backing tracks. A collection of more than 50 PYXL8R songs can be listened to and downloaded for free at:

redgreenblue is music that evokes the romance of travel and wanderlust of living. Using keyboards and drum controllers, redgreenblue's performances are sonically rich and visually absorbing, engaging the eyes, the ears and the imagination.
I am thrilled to announce that my new album 'Synaesthetic' is available for streaming and will be made available for downloading soon. This album has been an unexpected joy for me and one that I feel takes my music in a different direction and it has been fun to see what I could do. The album is now available for download at:

Robert Dorschel and Jeremy dePrisco

Project Ruori
project ruori is a performance-art syndication
whipping up satires
apparently springing out of the surrealist modus operandi.
we bake concrete music and rock formations,
tricky static,
information in formation,
dancing on the moon,
and an indeterminate quantity of cordless food-service products
to enthrall audiences
with a luxurious metaphysical indefinite article.
(You know the kind.)

The duo that is Slippage are about just that: fomenting abstract, loose-limbed, jittery, mysterious improv, where notes are subjugated in favor of sonic textures and immediatism, exploiting whatever comes out from the electricity of the moment. Slippage is comprised of two individuals: Darren Bergstein (who also goes by the aliases Horizontal Hold and PTO), wringing an iPhone, laptop, samples, and various other handheld acoustics in service of finding noises still undiscovered by the human ear, small gestures searching for larger aural results; and Michael Kniat, who played saxophone and guitar before choosing the electric bass as his chief performance instrument at age 20, an experienced performer and studio player who has recently cultivated an interest in ambient, electronic, neo-psychedelic, and trance/groove music. Influenced initially by the grooves of Motown legend James Jamerson, and the counterpoint of Paul McCartney, Kniat has since then developed a distinctive musical voice while becoming a solid player in mainstream rock/pop, progressive rock, electric jazz/fusion, and other genres. Via Slippage, both Bergstein & Kniat seek new frontiers from their combined interests and variegated approaches, plugging in to whatever sounds creep up in to the now.

Symmetry's music is primarily a fusion of Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop and Techno with some elements of Ambient, Experimental, New Age and World Music. Fans of Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze and Kraftwerk may gravitate to this type of mix. This year's line-up will consist of the band's founder JEM (a.k.a. Jose Murcia of Holosphere and Fringe Element), who will be performing on lead keyboards and sequencers. Ken Palmer (of PYXL8R and Brainstatik) will play backup keyboards and noisemakers. Charles Shriner (dRachEmUsiK) will perform on Laptop, keyboard controller and electronic wind instrument.

The Table
"fine electronic maestros physically bound by their preferred piece of performance furniture---a table."
The Table is an ambient/electronic trio currently divided between Rochester and Syracuse, NY. Live, the trio performs an intelligently crafted mix of improvised atmospheres drawn from electronic and electro-acoustic instrumentation. An open format leaves the members free to explore a number of directions during a given set with the only imposed limitation being that the player's chosen instruments must all fit on, and be played on, a single table.
Chris Hine - electronics / guitar
Craig Marlowe – electronics
Jeremy Dziedzic - electronics

Technicolor Travel Agency
Technicolor Travel Agency is the musical duo of Greg Waltzer (synthesizers and sequencers) and Johnny Doyle (guitar). Their improvisational excursions take the listener on a journey of the mind, fusing world motifs with psychedelic guitar and spaced-out electronics.

Thin Air
Thin Air is the solo act of Steve Bowman. Steve will also be performing Saturday with Art Cohen as Delicate Monster. Steve uses looper, delays, effects, and arpeggiators, mixed on a laptop, but no samplers, clips, no recorded tracks. All sounds originate from fingers on synth keyboards (and an occasional sequencer). How to describe the music of Thin Air? “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” Music is sound and Steve makes sounds Steve likes. Steve likes dissonance, noise, and especially chromaticism. He also likes melody and counterpoint, Renaissance sacred music, string quartets, Stravinsky, Stockhausen, techno and psy-trance. The sounds he makes are filtered through 50 years of listening and playing piano, a degree in Music Composition from Harvard, 96 Grateful Dead shows, 20 years of tutelage in spacemusic from Art Cohen, and the wondrous sonic possibilities of electro-generated music. Come hear Steve’s Thin Air set and afterwards tell him how you would describe what you hear. His hope: the sounds you hear will be good enough to call, simply “music.”

Time Drone-a-long
Collaboration led by Jack Hertz

Transistor Club
Mel Morley is a Keyboardist, Bassist, Zendrummer and Music Producer from Miami, Florida/Zurich, Switzerland. "Part of the pleasure of doing what I do is working around the world with some of the finest artists who groove like crazy." I have performed and recorded with Paul Schaeffer, A Flock of Seagulls, Ron Wood,Yngwie Malmsteen, Inner Circle, Pretty Ricky, Buddy Miles, Pablo Moses, The Cornelius Bros and Sister Rose, The Platters, Drifters, Coasters, Bronski Beat, CCCP, and am one of 2 American Artists to perform at the entire Montreux Jazz festival.

Before forming Xeroid Entity with Greg Waltzer, Howard Moscovitz and Bill Fox were already playing together under the name Subspace. The duo was put on hiatus since they were playing exclusively as Xeroid Entity. But in early 2010, Howard and Bill realized that they had made a resurgence as a duo. Meanwhile, the old band name had been plastered all over the internet by other acts. So using a new name, Howard and Bill returned to the spotlight with (mostly) weekly internet broadcasts called Chez Mosc, originating from Howard's living room. In Twyndyllyngs, Howard and Bill maintain their predilection for improvisation. One never knows in what direction the music will go. Ambient, noise, sequencer, looping, Classical, Moog Modular, Rock... These are just some of the tools and influences to be crafted into the emotion of the moment.

Woodswalker / Genetique
This year Laura Todd ("Woodswalker") is performing with her talented son Aaron. "I'm thrilled to be collaborating with Aaron, the guy to blame for teaching me all about music production... I hope to create music that is ambient and mystical, yet lively and uptempo, spacy yet rhythmic." She is also learning Visual Jockey and is working on eye-popping videos based on her sketches and doodles.
Genetique is Aaron Todd, a composer and musician from the Philadelphia region. Genetique's music is a mixture of ambient and chill, with plenty of experimental elements along the way. The best way to describe the sound is 'textured'. It conveys a mood or emotion while emphasizing the melody. Genetique will be performing with Woodwalker.

xeroid entity
xeroid entity is constantly exploring new musical territory by going beyond the barriers of standard conventions while still drawing upon classical influences. Their music ranges from light and whimsical to dark and aggressive, often within the same piece. Much of it is ambient in nature; without a discernible beat. When they do play rhythmically based music, there are often complex counter rhythms giving the music a poly-rhythmic flavor. The results can be subtle and spacey without being boring, noisy without being harsh, dynamic yet continuous. The members of xeroid entity are Howard Moscovitz, Bill Fox, and Greg Waltzer. Combined they have more than 90 years of experience making electronic music. They all program their own sounds, and refuse to be bound by conventional scales or rhythms. The parts are freely improvised, though they occasionally have structures based on the concerto forms of Mozart and Bach. This allows for maximum expressiveness and interaction between group members, while avoiding predictability.

Seminars and Workshops

Nord Modular Performance Patches – Jez Creek
A seminar to demonstrate and discuss concepts for patching for the Nord modular to maximize the potential of patches for live performance.

Current Controlled Modular System – Damon Mar
Using Vactrols in Place of Direct CV
An brief introduction to the use of vactrols, followed by a discussion of how I've implemented current control in my home-made modular system. The discussion will include methods of implementation (designs, adaptations, and hardware), identification of advantages and disadvantages, and other related topics.

Structured Improvisation Workshop – Greg Waltzer
Merging Performance and the Creative Process
This workshop will introduce concepts and techniques of structured improvisation, and lead participants through a series of exercises to help develop improvisation skills in a group context. This is a hands-on workshop, participants should bring their instrument and arrive in time to set up and connect to the sound system before the workshop begins. Beginners are welcome, but please have enough familiarity with your instrument to play some basic scales (nothing too exotic).
Greg Waltzer has been improvising art and music in various forms for over 30 years.

Logic on Stage – Shane King
A Discussion on using Logic as a live performance tool. By utilizing the Environment, Touch Tracks, automation and controllers one can create flexible arrangements and move beyond straight playback all while not 'checking your email' onstage.

Thwarting Time's Arrow – Rick Scott and Robert Kulik
We will present - in word, sound, and image – musical techniques for transcending time's one-way-ness and experiencing an everything-at-once state in which past, present, and future co-exist and interpenetrate.
Rick Scott spent the better part of a decade studying composition at a German music conservatory. A recovering atonalist, he counts among his main musical influences: Johann Sebastian Bach, Frank Zappa, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Indian drumming, European serialism, 50s sci-fi/horror movies, 60s pop, the randoMize button in Reaktor, and above all ... silence.
Robert Kulik has wielded his baton on both sides of the Atlantic and worked as guitarist, conductor, composer, vocalist, ethnomusicologist, and under­water cliffdiver. A student of Joseph Flummerfelt, Krzysztof Penderecki, and German Football, Robert studied in Poland, Italy, and Bayonne (NJ). His musical touch­stones include polymetric glossolalia, semi-structured peregrination, and dark Belgian chocolate.

Concepts in Free Form Improvisation – Charles Shriner
Creative Conversations or Tower of Babel?
As musicians we engage in intentional non-verbal communication on a regular basis. When performing a solo improvisation - while we may play off audience cues - we are, for all practical purposes, giving a musical monologue. In a collaborative free form improvisation we move into a direct, spontaneous dialog with other musicians. We are responsible for listening and responding in ways that communicate, engage and inspire each other and the audience. The intention of this workshop is to examine some of the ways we can carry on spontaneous, meaningful musical conversations with each other in the absence of traditional musical structures. During the workshop we will be doing exercises, making music and discussing various techniques to promote musical communication including: creating a cohesive ensemble, active listening and interpretation, identifying and using motifs, emotional intimacy, purpose of ego, opportunities from the unconscious.
While it's not mandatory, participants are encouraged to bring a simple instrument - electronic or acoustic - on which they are reasonably proficient. If you are unable to bring an instrument, I invite you to consider the human body and voice as acoustic instruments ;-) . Most importantly, bring and an open heart and mind.
Charles Shriner currently lives in Indianapolis, IN and has been a full time musician for 37 years and trained facilitator of Jungian based experiential emotional work for 13 years.

Ambiophonic Sound – Howard Moscovitz
This talk explains the basics about a wonderful new system for playing back stereo recordings. Ambiophonics involves a novel placement of the two speakers (close together in the front) and a relatively simple signal processor that creates a wide spacial field with precise localization. Ambiophonic playback offers many advantages over the traditional 60 degree speaker separation now used almost universally for stereo. A new Ambiophonic DSP Processor VST co-developed by Robin Miller and Howard Moscovitz will be described and demonstrated with a small playback system.

Ableton Live Real-Time Performance Tips – Mark Mosher
Synthesist, Modulate This! blogger, and long-time Live user Mark Mosher will be sharing tips on using Live as a performance instrument. Topics will include: importing existing audio, creating virtual instrument racks, integrating hardware instruments, real-time arrangement, controllerism, real-time automation, and reducing CPU load and set load times. To illustrate concepts, Mark will deconstruct some songs from his EM 2011 performance as well as dive into some sample-based instruments from his free Creative Commons Live Pack “Sounds from a Distant Outpost”.

The Notoriety Unit – Darren Bergstein
Aural awareness, promotion & dissemination in the new decade
Electronic music & the means to create/deliver it is oozing out of every crack in the analog, digital & virtual worlds: how do you broaden your own outreach, how do you get notorious? The key: push, push, push through the online morass and become a truly mobile, well-educated, intelligent unit. This seminar will focus on awareness, promotion, dissemination & the state of the electronic/experimental genres in the new decade. Coverage will include the importance of live gigging, building self-image, new modes of broadcasting, recording, media & converging personal/portable technologies, and how to exploit all these options effectively.
Darren Bergstein is a historian, archivist, writer, concert promoter, event organizer, label owner, collector & enthusiast of electronic & experimental music for nearly 40 years. Founder/publisher and editor of the print magazines i/e (1990-1999) and e/i (2003-2006), owner/operator of the One Thousand Pulses home concert series, its annual fall festival, Equinoxygen, and CD label Periphery. www.onethousandpulses / www.otperiphery.com

Going Virtual – Robert Dorschel
This seminar is a generalized overview of virtual software synthesizers, effects, and audio processing/routing techniques in a software environment. Whether this topic may seem like “preaching to the choir” or if it’s brand new territory for you, looking closer may help you (re)discover the method to your madness. Throughout the presentation Robert will interject some of the trials and tribulations he has experienced over the last decade after an attempt to completely switch over to virtual; and how he’s just now finding his own personal balance of “Hard vs. Soft” in his studio. Audio demonstrations of real-world hardware vs. their virtual equivalents will be a focus. Primary topics will include an overview of “virtual-only” synthesizers, effects, and MIDI utilities; the conundrum of limited vs. unlimited possibilities; the many options of controllerism in a virtual setting; how the lines of “Hard vs. Soft” are becoming blurred; the dangers of the new strain of “gear envy” and “Updatitis” that going virtual can cause; purchases to consider or avoid; touch on some of the many resources available online; and a closing discussion.

DIY and Circuit Bending Workshop
This is not a formal workshop, just a time and place set aside for people interested in DIY synthesis, circuit bending and home-made instruments to get together and share their ideas and creations. Afterwards there will be a DIY jam, an opportunity to make some music with your unique device.

Reason / Record – Jeremy dePrisco
Who Needs ProTools?
The premise here is that software has gotten so good, and hardware so fast, that there are many more options at your disposal than ProTools. As an electronic music composer/performer, you may already be familiar with Propellerhead’s Reason platform. But have you considered Record? When I was looking for a cross-platform solution (and a break from Sonar) Record lived up to its claims of ease of use and power, so I want to share this with folks. The seminar will cover two main topics - Record/Reason as a tool for capturing ideas quickly, and as a live performance tool. Recordists of all levels welcome.

Etching Printed Circuit Boards – Kevin Kissinger
Have you ever wanted to etch your own Printed Circuit board? It is easier than you may think! Kevin will demonstrate all the steps to create a printed circuit board from preparation to the finished PCB.

Sound and Music from Brainwaves – Michael O'Bannon
Signals from the human body can be used in many ways to generate and modify sound and music. This workshop explores the hardware and software that make it possible to control music synthesis with signals from the brain, as well as some reasons why electronic musicians may want to do so. This year the seminar will focus on several new, low-cost hardware alternatives, including recent commercial products and inexpensive hackable toys. Techniques will be demonstrated hands-on in real time, so participants should bring an active cortex.
Michael O'Bannon is an Atlanta, Georgia, based psychologist with a background in psychophysiology, neuropsychology, biofeedback, and artificial intelligence. He is also a basement experimenter who programs in Max and builds EEG hardware.

Experimental Music in Egypt – Mohamed Ragab

Jam Sessions

Those of you that have attended electro-music festivals in the past know that the jam sessions can be one of the highlights. You don't need to sign up, or be a performing artist to participate in the jams - anyone can join! Just bring your instrument and cables to connect - there will be a PA system in the jam room. The jam room is downstairs, in the same room that will be used for workshops. Jam sessions are unstructured - the music can be whatever the participants feel like playing. A couple of them have themes, so that people with similar interests can congregate at those times. These are the space music jam on Friday night, the noise jam on Saturday night, and the DIY and Audiocube jams on Sunday afternoon. Others are open to any styles of music. In addition, there will be a drum circle/acoustic jam from 10am (or earlier) to 11am on Saturday and Sunday.  For those who are new to group improvisation - there is only one rule, and that is to be respectful of the other musicians. Usually that means to listen before playing, and try to play something that complements or inspires the music as it develops. Everyone wants to be heard, but don't play so loud that others can't be heard. If it's crowded, take a break and give others a chance to play.
If the past is any indication, we can look forward to some fantastic, unpredictable music!

Laptop Battle

The Laptop Battle is a judged competition, where anyone is invited to participate and play a short set. It's not restricted to laptops - you can play something else but you should be able to set up and play your set in 10 minutes. The winner will be awarded a featured performance spot to close out the festival on Sunday night. The laptop battle is scheduled for 4-6pm on Saturday. You can sign up at the registration desk.

Swap Meet

The swap meet is a chance to buy, sell, or trade musical gear. On Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10am to Noon, we'll have an area (with tables) where people can set up. Everyone is invited to participate.

Special Thanks to:

Howard Moscovitz – organizer

Greg Waltzer – organizer

Genevieve Moscovitz – staff coordinator

Kevin Kissinger – sound engineering

Paul Harriman - streaming

Hong Waltzer – photography

Jack Hurwitz - artwork

Project Ruori, Dale Parson, Jeremy dePrisco, Robert Pepper, Joo Won Park, Loop B, Jez Creek, Ian Harriman, Michael O'Bannon, Leo Hylan, Bill Fieger, John Dugan, Damon Mar, Ed Guild, Bill Manganaro - equipment and assistance

Jennifer Caiafa - Greenkill Retreat Center

and everyone who has volunteered their time, equipment, energy and talent to help make electro-music 2011 a success!