Artists appearing at electro-music 2012
Acoustic Interloper Jez and Bill PYXL8R
Audio Mace Kevin Kissinger redgreenblue
Azimuth Visuals Andrew Koenig RoDoJede
Brainstatik Dave Lind Kip Rosser
Brill-Ex Dub Schleppers Lunaria Project Ruori
Daniel Bytes Lux Seeker Shivasongster
Robert Dorschel Modulator ESP Symmetry
Michael Drews Mosc Jack Tamul
Fringe Element Mark Mosher Thin Air
Genetique MusicMan11712 Twyndyllyngs
H-Alpha NEOREV Mike Victor
Paul Harriman Northern Valentine Jacob Watters
Shannon Hayden Michael O'Bannon Woodswalker
Holquist and Creek onewayness xeroid entity
Hunter and Harrison Joo Won Park  

Collaborations are special performances arranged for this event, featuring musicians who don't normally get a chance to work together. Participants in each collaboration are selected by the leader. To apply, contact the names below.
Tovara Vox
  Greg Waltzer
Bent Orchestra
  Rebecca Mercuri
The Soldering Musician & The Personal Digital Assistants
  Bill Manganaro
Adventures in Sound
  Jez Creek
electro-music Chamber Orchestra
  Andrew Koenig
zero-input mixer
  Dale Parson

Seminars, Demonstrations, and Workshops
Seminars are one-hour presentations, workshops are longer hands-on sessions. Demonstrations are ongoing, at whatever times are convenient for the demonstrator. All attendees are invited to demonstrate their unique or unusual musical devices during the open demo times.
Kevin Meredith and Rebecca Mercuri
Circuit Bending and DIY Workshops
Dale Parson
  Game to Music
Adam Holquist
Performance and Production Tools in Linux
Jeremy dePrisco
Advanced Techniques in Reason 6
Robert Dorschel
  Building a Software Looper
Paul Harriman
  Eigenharp demonstration
  Practical Musical Strategies for the Theremin
Andrew Koenig
  Portable Show and Tell
Tanya Thielke
  Your Creative Process: Why understanding it actually matters and can help you manage difficult times
Howard Moscovitz
Using Lemur to make the iPad a musical controller
Mark Mosher
  Creating and Controlling Signature Sounds with Camel Audio Alchemy
Jamie Strecker and Steve Mokris
  Visual programming for musicians and artists: a new approach
Michael Drews
  Performance Strategies for Laptop
Chris Wikman
  Hacking an Instrument