Music Artists
Acoustic Interloper   PYXL8R
Neil Nail Alexander Fringe Element Random FX
Atonal Ganzha RoDoJede
Audio Mace Genetique Kip Rosser
Geert Bevin Genetique + Woodswalker Project Ruori
Biomass Paul Harriman Shivasongster
BoomBeest Hunter and Harrison Shueh-li Ong
Brainstatik Andrew Koenig Sight of Sound
Wyman Brantley Roland Kuit Space Gun Bunny
Randy Brown Lux Seeker Stochastic Whimsy
Todd Campbell Modulator ESP Symmetry
Cranial Mythos Mosc Jack Tamul
Robert Dorschel MusicMan11712 Twyndyllyngs
Dorschel + Alexander Oneironaut Michael Victor
dRachEmUsiK onewayness Woodswalker
Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel Joo Won Park xeroid entity
Finite Element    

Visual Artists
Azimuth Visuals
Michael O'Bannon
Project Ruori
Karin Schomaker

Collaborations are special performances arranged for this event, featuring musicians who don't normally get a chance to work together. Participants in each collaboration are selected by the leader.
  Todd Campbell
zero-input mixer
  Dale Parson
electro-music chamber orchestra
  Andrew Koenig
Adventures in Sound
  Jez Creek
  Ken Palmer
Modus Ponens
  Greg Waltzer
  Paul Harriman
Sound of Listening
  Adam Holquist
  Howard Mangrum

Seminars, Demonstrations, and Workshops
Seminars are one-hour presentations, workshops are longer hands-on sessions. Demonstrations are ongoing, at whatever times are convenient for the demonstrator. All attendees are invited to demonstrate their unique or unusual musical devices during the open demo times.
Randy Brown
Eigenharp Demonstration
Roland Kuit
  Modular Space/Shaping Reflections
Gordon Good
Using the Teensy microcontroller as a MIDI controller
John Morley
Moog Guitar
Aaron Todd
  The Launchpad and Ableton
Joo Won Park
  Introduction to Super Collider
Charles Shriner
  Free Form Improvisation Workshop
Neil Alexander
Using Ableton Live for Generative Music Applications
Dale Parson
  MIDI and OSC Controller State Machines in ChucK
Geert Bevin
  Soul-seeking expressiveness with Eigenharp and Leap Motion Controller
Adam Holquist
  DIN Softsynth
Robert Dorschel
  Virtual Versus Real Synths
Rob Hordijk
  The 5U Hordijk Analog Modular Synthesizer System, Hows and Whys of the Design
Leo Hylan
  VJ and Video Performance Art

Jam Sessions
Spontaneous jam sessions may happen at any time during the event - there will be a room with a sound system available for jams and rehearsals. Everyone is invited to participate in the jams - you don't need to be a performing artist. Just bring your instrument and a cable to connect to the sound system.

Laptop Battle
The laptop battle is open to all attendees - you can sign up in advance, or when you arrive. You don't have to use a laptop - you can use any instrument, but you must be able to set up and complete your set in ten minutes. A panel of judges will select the winner, who gets bragging rights and a featured performance spot on Sunday night.

Swap Meet
Swap meet tables will be set up throughout the weekend, where attendees can buy, sell, or trade musical gear. Label your items for sale with your name and the price.