Music Artists
Steve Ashby Dr. Wayne Kirby Shivasongster
Audio Mace Kevin Kissinger Sight of Sound
Auroric Dreams Andrew Koenig Dave Sneed
Thomas Bell Diego Leon SPT
Tom Bruce Lux Seeker Stochastic Whimsy
Julius Bucsis Harrison McKay Symmetry
Cranial Mythos metlay! Jack Tamul
Creek + Holquist Modulator ESP The Melting Transistor
Robert Dorschel mosc Twyndyllyngs
dRachEmUsiK Nailgun UT Electroacoustic Ensemble
Chris Frain onewayness Frank Vanaman
Juan Garces Pallid Mask Joe Belknap Wall
Tony Gerber mario-enrique paoli Woodswalker and Lipman
Lyn Goeringer Project Ruori Roy "Futureman" Wooten
Paul Harriman redgreenblue xeroid entity
Ryan Holiday Rinse, Repeat  
  Andrew Sblendorio  

Visual Artists
Azimuth Visuals
Andrew Sblendorio
Project Ruori
Elise Stephens

Collaborations are special performances arranged for this event, featuring musicians who don't normally get a chance to work together. Participants in each collaboration are selected by the leader.
Modular Synth collab
  Mike Hunter
  Aaron Todd
  Mike Metlay
Adventures in Sound
  Jez Creek
electro-music chamber orchestra
  Andrew Koenig
The Three Kludges
  Robert Dorschel
Good Collab
  Brian Good

Seminars, Demonstrations, and Workshops
Seminars and demonstrations are one-hour presentations, workshops are two-hour hands-on sessions.
Mike Hunter
  Intro to Modular Synthesis
Doug Slocum
Mike Metlay
Ableton Link
Dr. Wayne Kirby and Roy "Futureman" Wooten
Rhythm workshop
Todd Campbell
  Integrating Electro-Acoustic Percussion
Ryan Holiday
  FAIL! Or how to survive as an artist in the modern era
Howard Moscovitz
General Topics in Composition
Andrew Sblendorio
  Intro To Visual Computer Programming: Max/MSP
Chris Frain
  Fugue Machine
Adam Holquist
  Touring and Booking