electro-music festival

The Asheville electro-music festival brings some of the world's finest electronic and experimental musicians to Asheville, North Carolina. They will be joined by local artists for two days of concerts, workshops, demonstrations and collaborations. Musical styles cover a broad spectrum, guaranteed to be creative and original. Live video art will accompany the concerts, for an immersive multi-media experience. The musicians employ a wide variety of electronic and acoustic instruments, from synthesizers and theremins to found objects and custom controllers. Afternoons will feature hands-on workshops and interactive performances.

May 16 and 17, 2014
Masonic Temple
80 Broadway
Asheville, NC


video - Friday
video - Saturday


artist photos



Airsculpture berlin school
Mark Mosher expressive controllerism + invader cam
Paul Vnuk Jr tribal ambient
Joo Won Park music with found objects
Twyndyllyngs electronic chamber music
dRachEmUsiK and onewayness glitch-groove ambient beats
Project Ruori art-automation coalescence
Gerber and Gerber ambient space music
Dreamphonic space music
Kevin Spears kalimba and electronics
Klimchak electro-acoustic multi-instrumentalist
Sound As Music xenharmonic guitar
Michael Peck progressive dark ambient
Stereospread dreamy electropop
Blackwood ambient
Yonder cinematic
Waveformation organic electronic
Project Ruori
Michael O'Bannon
Azimuth Visuals
VJ Hylantown
workshops and demonstrations
Ambiophonic Sound Howard Moscovitz
Systems of Memory (performance) Christian Birk and Derek Reed
Haken Continuum Fingerboard Sally Sparks
Acoustic Synthesis Paul Vo
Tuning Systems and the Aural Experience Michael Vick
Performance Workshop Mark Mahoney
updated February 24, 2015