electro-music festival

The Asheville electro-music festival brings some of the world's finest electronic and experimental musicians to the mountains of Western North Carolina. They will be joined by local artists for two days of compelling live music and innovative technology. Musical styles cover a broad spectrum, guaranteed to be creative and original. Live video art will accompany the concerts.

May 6 and 7, 2016
White Horse
Black Mountain, NC

one day $15
two days $25


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emAVL 2015

emAVL 2014

emAVL 2013

Mountain Skies 2012

Paul Harriman eigenharp ephemera
Zen Rat subterranean escaped laboratory animal ambient
Jack Tamul classically influenced experimental music
Emerald Adrift unified eclectic
Paul Vnuk Jr tribal ambient
Robert Dorschel dynamic melodic soundtracks
Jj Kidder chaotic meditation
Twyndyllyngs electronic chamber music
Shivasongster sonic conspiracy theories
My Crow Dot uncharted territory
Joe Belknap Wall nontraditional sonic narratives
Surreal Estate old berlin style
Spacecraft ambient space music
Dreamphonic space music
Klimchak electro-acoustic multi-instrumentalist
Kevin Spears drum step, live drum n bass, kalimba
Tenderlash retro synthpop
Mark Mahoney progressive ambient
Michael Peck progressive dark ambient
Saki Bomb electronic ambient
Vibraphonik Electronik melodic percussive
John Vorus subterranean didgeridoos
Kevin Keough contemplative sonic textures
Waveformation multidimensional polymorphic expressionism
Guided Improvisation (Jeremy dePrisco)
Guided Improvisation (Jack Tamul)
Michael O'Bannon
Joe Howard
Azimuth Visuals
Marc Doty - Harald Bode: Innovator Unsung
Kevin Spears - Harnessing The Speed of Thought
updated April 29, 2016