live electronic space music
 cosmic video art


at  Artspace Gallery
18 N. 7th St
Stroudsburg PA


2008 schedule
to be announced




previous shows
Jul 2006 Cranial Mythos
- video clip -
Oct 2006 Synthetic Block
Nov 2006 Electric Diamond

Apr 2007 Peter Biedermann
Sept 2007 Electric Diamond
Oct 2007 Block + Gilbert
- video clip -
Nov 2007 Brainstatik
- video clip -


updated November 20, 2007


Hyperspace brings together live electronic space music with dynamic visuals to create an enveloping, mind-bending experience. This concert series features local, regional, and international electronic musicians teamed with innovative video artists. Hyperspace provides a complete sensory immersion, while offering artists the opportunity to explore new dimensions.