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Mutation Vector was formed in 1999, as a collaborative electronic music exploration by Greg Waltzer and James Lacey. Besides being fun, the unique results they produced inspired them to begin recording. Two CDs (Grimly Oblivious and Lava Stigmata) were completed in 2000, and Placebo Merchant in the fall of 2002. Recently they have started performing.

Greg Waltzer is the driving force (the "Vector") behind Mutation Vector, doing most of the programming, composing, and production. He started creating electronic music in 1981, and after a 15 year hiatus for family and career reasons, got back into it with a vengeance in 1999. Find out about his other musical projects here.

James Lacey is the mutant component, adding his unrestrained and uniquely demented style of sonic mayhem that gives Mutation Vector a character unlike anything else.

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Mutation Vector at Different Skies 2003
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updated October 22, 2004