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The Pandemonium Symposium is a collective for electronic musicians in the NJ area. It's goal is to facilitate collaborations and bring artists together for jams, recordings, and performances. Our combined efforts and support for each other can help establish a community with more opportunities for innovative music!

There will be a SPACE MUSIC RETREAT in May 2004.





Mutation Vector Greg Waltzer alternative to noise Different Skies
Fringe Element James Lacey red room Gate to Moonbase Alpha
Xeroid Entity JEM deep unda brooklyn Ambitention
Holosphere Michael Victor Hamilton St Soundscapes
SNIB Howard Moscovitz Sanctuary The Gathering
Brainstatik Bill Fox crosswicks coffeehouse Ricochet Gathering
Stares to Nowhere Warren Seddon Open Loop
Norm Vogel Philadelphia Fringe Festival
Ken Palmer Playa del Fuego
Rob Burger m@stock 03
Don Slepian
Bill Fieger
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updated October 22, 2004